Operations & Maintenance

In order to provide consistent and reliable services, addressing operations and maintenance requirements are crucial for a telecom service provider. Breakdown maintenance, fault rectification, periodic health check, fuel filling for power backup systems, etc. are some passive maintenance services that every telecom cell site requires to ensure uninterrupted operations.

At Aerial Telecom, we provide customized, scalable, integrated, reliable, responsive and cost effective solutions for operations and maintenance requirements, both active and passive, of the telecom industry. Our services include:

  • Active operation and maintenance of first level for BTS and Microwave equipment
  • Preventive, corrective, routine and breakdown maintenance like tracking of alarms for site outage and link failures
  • First level maintenance services for DG, AC, PIU, AMF Panel, UPS, Battery banks and Alarm panel
  • Preventive maintenance as per the SLA or SOW
  • Energy Management


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